Saturday, March 10, 2007


10TH March, 2007


We the People's United Democratic Movement take this opportunity to inform all the forces for change, working class, oppressed, marginalised and disadvantaged people of Swaziland inside the country and globally that we shall be participating in the picketing that shall be taking place in the five main boarder gates that lead into Swaziland on the 12th April 2007. This is way of showing our dissatisfaction on the manner that the country is governed since the 12th April 1973, when the then King Sobhuza 11 declared absolute Monarchy for Swaziland under the 1973 PROCLAMATION that repealed the 1968 Constitution. We can not be fooled by the present ROYAL constitution which was not people driven. From its inception, its terms of reference which allowed hand picked commissioners, it never allowed group submissions, thereby defeating universally acceptable constitution drafting environment, the content thereof, is therefore illegitimate.

We invite all concerned citizens to be party to this important activity as we shall be commemorating and condemning the grave mistake and tyranny that was committed on the said date and we the people of Swaziland still suffer the consequences to date. We are demanding a Constitutional Monarchy for Swaziland where the king shall be symbol of unity in the truest sense.

To our comrades in other parts of the globe, COSATU, SACP, SSN, and all other comrades whom we can not mention here, we would like to register our sincere appreciation for the undying and consistent support and solidarity they have give since time immemorial. The people of Swaziland shall picket on the Swaziland's side of the boarder and we fully understand what package shall this come with. But the struggle continues and it shall until sanity prevails to the balance of forces.

The boarders of interest include:
Mahamba, Mananga, Matsamo, Lavumisa, Oshoek


Long Live the spirit of solidarity long live!!!!
For more information please contact
Sphasha Dlamini – PUDEMO-General Secretary
00268 6089783
00268 6083338