Friday, January 23, 2009

Royal terrorists protect their interests at the expense of peoples' lives

Viva the People’s struggle Viva!!

Royal Terrorist Against the People of Swaziland & their Struggle.

Victory to the People's Struggle. Phansi nge Royal Terror Phansi!

The struggle will triumph; the scale will tilt, through labour and pain we shall Overcome.

Royal terrorists protect their interests at the expense of peoples' lives


What will be left for the people with their hope of freedom when the peoples' hope, PUDEMO, could be allowed to be destroyed by the royal criminals? This moment is a test to the commitment and determination of the people in their desire for freedom and social prosperity. Mswati’s terror campaign deserves the utmost response from all democracy loving people of our country and the world.

Mswati continues to insult the integrity of the people of our land, and the world, to say laws of aggression are equivalent to a peaceful transition to democracy. We had doubted his reasoning ability yet accepted it to some degree but now he has taken it too far and to a point that endangers our lives and the future of our country; its people, environment and entire habitation. His madness has reached an intolerable point. To allow him authority and power over our land will be our contribution to the destruction of our country to which new generations will condemn us even at our demise.

Mswati has declared our country a "terrorist" country. He has passed "terror" laws and assumes the front line position in the implementation of these "terror" acts. He mobilizes his armed forces to advance his "terror" interests. He goes beyond all that and undermines the peoples' intelligence by calling upon the nation to accept and adapt to his "terror" interests. He has terrorized our communities.

He has made our society celebrate all his dirty acts with bleeding hearts. With all this he is still not satisfied, he needs more and now he wants all of us to lie down so that he can walk over us as carpet. Enough is enough! Let's all call it over, stand firm in our struggle for freedom and the liberation of our country before we lose it all. We will use all means at our disposal to defend our dignity. No rule of terror can stop us from finishing this last and important lap our struggle. Let’s make Mswati pay for the price of our freedom.

State of emergency- Reign of terror!

The regime intensifies its rule of terror by reinforcing the 1973 decree which is constantly being weakened by the peoples' struggle. Pillars of the people’s freedom have grown all over the country, students, workers, women, disabled, unemployed, rural, professional and many more have worked extremely hard under difficult conditions to build their hope, PUDEMO, to lead them to the liberation victory -a victory for the majority of the oppressed people of our land. Mswati wants to destroy these efforts over his night dream. It is only those weakened, like the opportunists in his parliament, who can allow the efforts of the people to be watered down. But they constitute a weak and vulnerable minority that will perish without history and they will be judged for their action. History never forgets.

Who in our land can accept royal criminals to terrorize the wealth of our country, abuse and loot our resources, abuse women and young children, evict people from the land of their birth, promote slave labour, or legalize fraud and corruption because she or he is afraid of being labeled a terrorist by Mswati! This means anyone who expresses her or his conscious is a terrorist and must be arrested and or killed. This is what Mswati has concluded and his parliament has approved. We must prove all of them failures including his right-hand men whom he has organized for these criminal acts.

Mswati has a hope that he can maintain his criminal life by obstructing people with violence. We promise him that he is a failure both in his thinking and in his dreams. Violence is not his monopoly - even a tamed dog can not allow its owner to monopolize violence. If animals with a lower mental capacity than humans can reason and act successfully against violence upon themselves, how can we fail to unleash an even more violent strength than his. We are in a better position for violent action against him than he has against us.

Power to the people

To all the people of our land who love peace and democracy, to whom this terror is directed: we must stand up in unity against these evil policies and acts of royal greed. The aim of this "terror" programmed by Mswati aims at nothing more than to raise the empire of the royal state against the people. It’s the destructive creation of a new lifestyle of our society; if not defeated, it will subjugate people to fear and expose not only our wealth but also our lives to danger and to a terrible point of demise.

Mswati’s terror infrastructure must be destroyed even to the point of its sustenance. New personal has been mobilized quite greased with world class vehicles, technology and weapons Mswati amasses from his allies in the world market of dirt and cruelty. The industries in the country that choose to pay workers low wages and give Mswati the rest, in order to grease his terror infrastructure, must not be spared but be targets of sabotage. We must unite to investigate the operations of this infrastructure and the economy in order to make informed decisions to guide our action. This moment defines the trying times of the history of our struggle which we must survive at all costs.

Action and only Action for our survival

*People must always be ready to mill on the streets to protest about this evils, arrogance, stubbornness and failures of the royal government.

*Boycott and destroy all Mswati and his friend’s businesses and institutions.

*Destroy all forms of government’s symbols of oppression.

*Destroy all the installations that keep the oppressive government alive and all that keep the rule of terror - including its personnel - as a matter of survival. The state of emergence must be resisted by all means necessary.

Mswati must be defeated in his own game for the victory of our struggle and triumph of peace and democracy in our land. AMANDLA!