Sunday, August 24, 2008

PUDEMO Extra – Ordinary Congress Declaration

PUDEMO Extra – Ordinary Congress

held at

Elijah Mango College of Education,

Nelspruit, Republic of South Africa

22nd – 24th August 2008


  1. 1. The Peoples fighting organ and the trusted fighters and defenders of our People have met here in the Republic of South Africa, Elijah Manago Collage of Education to reflect on the political situation in Swaziland and accordingly position the Movement to meet the challenges of the time , adopt a correct mode of doing work and usher our freedom.

  1. 2. The conditions under which our people are living requires us to double our efforts in the fight against the parasitic tinkhundla royal ruling regime. We can not as a People's Movement allow the calculated killing of our People though starvation with acute food shortages, a poor health care system which has become genocidal with hospitals being slaughter houses, the rise in the cost of food and other commodities making life unbearable, the HIV & AIDS pandemic which has spiraled to uncontrollable levels and the regime being arrogant to the needs of the people.

  1. 3. Understanding and acknowledging the attack by the regime on the Peoples resources through the extravagance as displayed by the regime's high appetite for leisure and in the process sending the country's economy into the doldrums. The poor people of our country continue living on hand outs and literally scavenging in dustbins.

  1. 4. The Peoples fighting spirit for self emancipation and determination has been demonstrated in the mass action activities undertaken by the organs of the people as a demonstration of unity against a common enemy and their determination to end the many years of royal oppression and exploitation .

  1. 5. We are inspired by the determination and combat radical action of the woman of our country , which must be built as a foundation towards the National Women's Movement "Nsondonzima" to fight the arrogant plundering of the national resources and monies by the royal family.

  1. 6. It must be understood from now on that this display of arrogance in handling national resources forces us to target all tinkhundla activities as an expression by the Peoples United Democratic Movement's and the poor's anger at the the manner in which we are being governed.

  1. 7. The regime desires to remain in power and its total refusal to facilitate genuine democratic processes towards transition into a free and democratic Swaziland has resulted in its adopting a military offensive toward the Peoples Movement and the Poor.

  1. 8. We undertake to ensure that Mswati comes to his sense and stops the joke called national elections and in this regard to raise the level of struggle by turning every community into a site of struggle against elections towards a free and democratic Swaziland whose primary mandate is to make the lives of the People better through free and democratic elections.

  1. 9. We declare to the world that the regime will not be allowed to monopolize violence against the Peoples Movement, its Leadership, Cadres and their families. The Peoples Movement has also noted that our People and Comrades are no longer safe both inside and outside the country's borders.

  1. 10. We therefore declare that we are taking a decisive action to protect our People and Comrades . We declare that PUDEMO is embarking on the highest form of struggle and sacrifice of military and combat action against the Mswati regime and all its structures and extensions.

  1. 11. We further declare and embrace the existence of the PUDEMO military organ, the Swaziland Peoples Liberation Army. The Peoples Army shall protect the People of Swaziland , our Leadership and our Cadres. The Peoples Army shall embark on a total military onslaught against the enemy.

  1. 12. The struggle will be advanced through the political, military and combat action, the action will be a) a military strategy for the attainment of the Peoples power for the poor and the oppressed and b) specific responses to enemy attacks.

  1. 13. We take this opportunity to salute the People of Swaziland for having stood by the Peoples Movement under the prevailing trying conditions over the years. PUDEMO, its Leagues and the Peoples Army want to assure the People of Swaziland even at this late hour that we shall execute this task and noble cause with utmost discipline, dedication and respect of life.

  1. 14. We shall never abandon the course of the People until the People of Swaziland are free. We declare to the world that we will not rest until there is freedom and democracy in the country which will be a product of a free and democratic elections.

  1. 15. We welcome the Peoples resolve to move in unison towards a free and democratic Swaziland and the birth of the Swaziland United Democratic Front (SUDF) hails a historic moment in the struggle of the People of Swaziland and we declare to work with and support this mass of organ of the People of Swaziland.

  1. 16. The year 2008 presents an opportunity for the People of Swaziland to take decisive action against the ruling royal regime and end the 40 years of royal slavery.







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