Friday, March 20, 2009

Statement on the Amnesty International Initiative to Apply Pressure on Swaziland

Statement on the Amnesty International Initiative to Apply Pressure on Swaziland

The Peoples United Democratic Movement welcomes and appreciates the initiative by Amnesty International to apply serious pressure on Swaziland to scrap off the Suppression of Terrorism Act of 2008; and cause the country’s leadership to democratize. We note that this has been a result of the tireless work of struggle put up by the democratic forces in the country; and the invaluable contribution of our friends and allies beyond the borders of Swaziland.

We call upon all democratic forces in the country, particularly the Swaziland United Democratic Front, the church and many others, to continue raising the heat against the regime; and surely our international friends will always be ready to compliment the efforts.

It is time the Swazi royal regime is firmly put on the spot. It can no longer hide and fool the world by claiming that the people of this country are enjoying peace, human rights and democracy when the contrary is true. Currently we have a scenario of atrocities that include the detention of PUDEMO President Mario Masuku; the abduction and torture of our comrades; the threat by the Prime Minister to fire all those workers in the public sector who are viewed to be anti status quo; the list is endless.

We further challenge all other international organizations including the SADC, AU Commonwealth, EU and many others to take the cue from Amnesty International. They no longer have a reason to disregard the atrocities that are committed constantly by the Swazi royal regime. They have a duty and responsibility to assist the people of this country to rid themselves of this dictatorship.



Dep. President – Sikhumbuzo Phakathi – 27-73-1427594 (external)
Publicity Officer – Zakhele Mabuza – 268- 607 3453 (internal)

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