Thursday, May 21, 2009



This serves to re-assure the general membership of PUDEMO and our friends domestically and internationally that we are still alive, committed and vigorously working to achieve the strategic objective of liberating our people from the clutches of the oppressive Tinkhundla royal regime. The NEC of PUDEMO met on the 17 May 2009 to re-affirm the main Programme of Action for the year to encompass the following:

a) Regional Congresses – as per our constitutional requirement, our regional structures are expected to hold their congresses this year. The dates for the congresses have been set as follows:

Shiselweni Region – 21 June 2009

Manzini Region – 28 June 2009

Lubombo Region – 28 June 2009

Hhohho Region – 28 June 2009

External Region – 28 June 2009

b) Strengthening the Swaziland United Democratic Front – we still maintain that the SUDF is a crucial vehicle in the fight for the transition from the oppressive Tinkhundla rule to a democratic dispensation. We have the responsibility and commitment to ensure that we continue to make our contribution towards advancing the objectives of the SUDF. As we go for the congress of the SUDF next month, we shall aim at nothing, but make it stronger and more effective.

c) Release Mario Masuku Campaign – as long as the President of PUDEMO remains in detention, the calls for his release will not cease. We have put in place programmes and strategies to ensure the call echoes day and night at home, in the palace and abroad until our President is set free unconditionally.

d) PUDEMO Day – 2009 marks the 26th year of our existence as an organization fighting for a democratic dispensation in Swaziland . The 4th July 2009 has been identified as the day we will both renew and re-affirm our commitment in the struggle to liberate our people from the royal regime and make Swaziland a giant of democracy.

e) Intensifying international work – raising the profile of our struggle internationally is very crucial at this stage to ensure unbearable pressure and isolation is applied on the oppressive royal regime by the international community.

f) Mass mobilization – this is an on-going task by the movement to conscientize the oppressed people of our country. Emphasis is to be made in rural Swaziland where royal hegemony and hostility is strongest towards democratization.

g) Leadership development – programmes have been put in place to build and develop more leaders at all levels within PUDEMO. This will ensure the organization’s work and programmes are carried out efficiently.


Dep President - Sikhumbuzo Phakathi - 0731427594 (external)

Publicity - Zakhele Mabuza - +268 6073453 (internal)

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