Sunday, July 5, 2009

PUDEMO Day 2009

Sunday July 5, 2009

Yesterday, 4 July members of PUDEMO successfully commemorated the Movement’s 26th anniversary in Manzini as it was planned.

The activity took place in the midst of heavy police presence that was drawn from all over the country just to ensure PUDEMO does not successfully carry out its activity. The police had started harassing members of the public from Friday evening forcing motorists into their cars and ordered to drive away from parking lots.

It was encouraging to see scores of PUDEMO members defiantly coming into Manzini inspite of the heavy presence of the security forces; and the reality of the hostile Suppression of Terrorism Act. This is the hallmark of PUDEMO, standing firm and resolute against intimidation, state terror and injustice.

The address by the Deputy President enabled the members to reflect on the past and the gains of the Movement. It was also able to dwell on the present challenges and how PUDEMO is to overcome them.

PUDEMO LIVES and is certainly not dead as the regime wishes to think! PUDEMO is the people and the people are PUDEMO!

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